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Management Team

John Dolan

Mr. Dolan has successfully started, packaged, financed and marketed firms to be sold to public companies and arranged the transition from private to public of start-ups with over a $200 million plus valuation from zero. He has over twenty five years of experience in finance with early stage and Fortune 500 companies. Mr. Dolan structures and arranges financing for many different types of opportunities and needs in the medical, public, private, and humanitarian sectors.

Mr. Dolan is the Founder and Chairman of Carey International Ltd, a global financial investment and consulting firm, who led and closed a $95 million dollar fund raiser for a public oil company in 36 days. The public company had a $300 Million market capitalization when Carey was engaged, and at major risk of all their assets being seized, and now has a market capitalization of over $3 Billion USD.

Mr. Dolan is the Founder and Chairman of, which offers the world’s 1st 28 day reusable respirator facemasks that kills all bacteria and inactivates all viruses tested. As Founder and President of Pure Air Scientific Solutions,, Mr. Dolan has created best of breed solutions for sanitization of surfaces and air borne pathogens. We use UltraViolet C lamps that are portable and installable for disinfection from all bacteria and viral outbreaks including ebola, swine flu, bird flu, TB and much more.

Mr. Dolan is a Director of the Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Organization ( at the United Nations. Mr. Dolan is responsible for the reviewing process of new technologies to determine viability, sustainability and costs vs 3 year payback requirements.

Mr. Dolan graduated from the specialized financial training for CEO/CFO's at Chase Manhattan Bank in New York, and the Industrial and Technology Assistance Corporation Fast Trac Master’s program ( Mr. John Dolan is the son of Thomas N. Dolan, Esq. former State Chairman and Assistant Attorney General and Chief of Broker Dealer compliance in NY for more than 25 years. This father and son team helped elect and re-elect Attorney General Louis J. Lefkowitz for 6 consecutive 4 year terms.

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